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About the project

The project was stared during the spring of 2020 in order to try to make an open-source dictonary API for all of the 6 currently living Celtic Languages. We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you want to help add new words, report any bugs, improve the website, or have other ideas please contact us on Discord or Gitlab (links bellow) :)

The project also have it's own Discord bot which you are able to invite to your server. His name is Digi and can be found here. He can be invited to any Discord server using the following link: Click me!

Special Thanks

I want to thank everyone who as contributed in anyway to this project. Without your support this would never have been possible. So from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

- Preben 'prv' Vangberg.


Gitlab Link to repo
Discord Invite Link
Digi, the Discord bot Invite link
Twitter Link to Twitter

Usage notes:

Word types

Word types are used for generating the results. The word type 'all' can be used, but will only work for confirmed word (i.e words that are in the dictionary). Searches with the word type 'all' will never generate the result.

Normal vs Extensive search

Normal search is used to lookup words by their dictionary entry (i.e the lemma of the word). If a word is not present in the dictionary it will be generated if the word type is not set to 'all'.

Extensive search is used to lookup words by conjugated terms. This implies the word type 'all' and will never generate a result.



You are able to change the interface language here. Translations might not be complete.


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